• Wall of Fish

    My client asked me to direct a workshop project leading her family and friends in […]

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  • Conceptual Continuity

    Hand-built mosaic by Isa Sevrain. Dimensions: 22×50 inches. 2011. Sold/private collection. I started this commission […]

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  • Mooresque Bathroom

    I designed and installed mosaic-encircled mirrors in this bathroom in a Moorish style.

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  • Composing a Bathroom

    I designed this mosaic installation around the Japanese-style tub in this small bathroom.

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  • Mandala: On the Move

    Jim Kragtwyk commissioned “On the Move” from me for his counseling practice.  

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  • Taoscany Alcoves

    I worked closely with my clients to design, hand-build and install two large mosaic pieces […]

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  • Rhapsody for Margarita

    “Rhapsody for Margarita” is a sophisticated piece of folk art about jazz bass guitar, the […]

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  • Buddha for a Wedding

    This Buddha was commissioned to be a wedding gift for a couple who shared a […]

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  • Bathroom Backsplash

    A backsplash for a bathroom.

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  • Mosaic Table

    I enjoyed working with ceramic tiles to craft this mosaic table for my clients.

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